Any success stories with the law of attraction?

using visualization.

Ok here is your first serious answer. I use it daily. I visualize about many things and I have had a lot of success.

Last June I used it for car trouble I had when I was far from home and it worked out great. Check out my story at my website.

6 thoughts on “Any success stories with the law of attraction?

  1. Jim

    the law of attraction is some fake bull**** cult/belief/religion some guy made up to sell books and make money.
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  2. Georguie

    Ohh, that book, "The Secret"? I remember that one. They also had this rule that says, "Don’t use a don’t/won’t/not/etc. sentence or else the Universe will ignore the don’ts and think that you want what you don’t want. OMG did it again.

    I still do not have money, muscle, etc. Hint hint.
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    I think it was a woman who made it up and there was DVD money, too. I only got the book though.

    To the person below me: Maybe it works, because those people stop thinking about the things that limit them and start to take a better outlook on life. In other words, maybe it’s their attitude that changes their lives, not some book. Maybe it’s that whole thing about optimism that my mother told me about.

  3. Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯

    The Secret is merely the newest popular book on it but before it came many other works that talked about the same thing. It’s very beneficial to those interested in magick but is by no means the answer to everything. It works using visualization and affirmations but not everyone can produce the results desired because not everyone can project the energy due to blockages or something irregular in their energy system. Which is why some people still report failure. For others it takes a while to kick in.

    Success stories.. my entire life. I have not read the secret, believe it or not but I know what it is and it’s not something new. I have used it throughout all my life and find my life to be quite successful. Some research showed that visualization actually helps us achieve our goals.

    The test subjects, if I remember correctly, were baseball players. One group was asked to all practice as they normally do while the other group not only practiced but visualized. If im also not mistaken the group visualizing actually had less physical practice yet were able to produce better plays than those that spent most of the time in physical practice. The research stated that being able to see it in your mind counts as much as seeing it in real life and that you can apply it to everything. Students to visualize doing better actually did better.

    Calling this "Bull Sh*t" won’t make it any less than what it is for many people. Call it "The Secret", "Prayer", "Magick" or by any other name it’s the same thing and if you cannot get it to work for you then that’s fine. I wouldn’t expect it to work well enough when you can’t even read and understand the question. ANY SUCCESS STORIES?!?!? For all we know the person wants some encouragement and you just stepped all over any hope they have.

    To the asker: the best success stories are the ones you experience. If it works for you then great. :D

    As for me, it is my everyday life that I apply it to and as a Witch I must say it plays a HUGE role on the success of my magickal workings. As a person I feel it plays a huge role on how my life turns up financially, how life with my family is and even how my relationships come up.

    If you have ever fallen into a depression (as I have) you’ll notice how things go really bad after some time and when we’re happy thing seem to go smoother. So even if you think that this law of attraction doesn’t work, it can help in seeing life in a more optimistic way. And reading into patterns such as depression making life a little tougher and how it spirals down and then how we see optimism always seems to make bad situations feel like tiny bumps in the road then we can surely give some credit to that book or simply the beliefs which exist way beyond "the secret"’s existance.

    So I do not have some wonderful story that was life changing for me to share on this, but I have several "little" stories that are clearly a huge part of what my life is today. I feel like I am going with the flow in life instead of against the current and that is something that many people can’t do in an entire life time and learning the law of attraction has helped others do just that.

    Shadow Storm
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  4. Rev. Lynn D.

    Ok here is your first serious answer. I use it daily. I visualize about many things and I have had a lot of success.

    Last June I used it for car trouble I had when I was far from home and it worked out great. Check out my story at my website.
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